Anna Malavisi, PhD (Vice President)

Beyond Integrating Local Knowledge in Development Programming

Beyond Integrating Local Knowledge in Development Programming a woman stands grasping a large soursop fruit in a tree

In July of this year, USAID published a report titled, “Integrating Local Knowledge in Development Programming,” produced by the Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning team. I’ll begin by commending the Agency on this report, as it identifies some of the most important factors necessary for effective, meaningful development. For example, the report emphasizes the inclusion […]

The Greening of the No-Self

The Greening of the No-Self sandy background with a sheaf of grass

I participated in a conference a few weeks ago on Sustainable Peace, and during discussion on my presentation: “Thinking Sustainability, Thinking Peace,” many of the questions were about “the greening of the self” – a phrase that I used in my presentation. The phrase is not mine; it has its origins with a chapter by […]

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